Sell more tickets with automated marketing.

Prekindle Spark is a marketing platform that helps you sell more tickets across Facebook and Instagram.

Prekindle dashboard screenshots showing marketing tools
Achieve marketing excellence with less effort.
Artificial intelligence with CPU
Automated event promotion on social media.

No more guesswork. Prekindle Spark's marketing campaigns will automatically find more ticket buyers across Facebook and Instagram.

Sports strategy drawn on chalkboard
Event marketing strategies built just for you.

Perfectly crafted strategies make sure you're covered across every part of your event marketing lifecycle.

Budget displayed as donut chart
Sell more tickets without increasing your budget.

Our technology works around the clock to make sure every dollar you spend increases ticket sales.

Screenshot of marketing tools for an event
On average, Prekindle Spark helps event marketers make $9 back for every $1 they spend on paid marketing.
Screenshot of marketing tools for an event
More tickets sold on average each month.
Money growth
Average monthly increase in gross ticket sales.
Prekindle Spark can help you make 167% more than you're making now through marketing.
What's included?
Facebook & Instagram Advertising Automation Platform

Your business will have unlimited ad spend through the Prekindle Spark advertising platform during the duration of your term.

Facebook Messenger Platform

Your business will have access to an unlimited number of contacts to our Facebook Messenger platform and the ability to send an unlimited number of messages to those contacts.

Social Acquisition & Marketing Tools

Your business will have access to our social unlock & contesting tools with unlimited contact exporting.

Customer Success

We offer a three hour on-boarding and training program that allows your team to learn as much as is required to run an efficient campaign management operation on Facebook and Instagram. We will provide our best knowledge about automation and optimization to enable you to run an efficient, streamlined operation at scale.

Monthly/On-Going Customer Success

Your Prekindle Spark Customer Success Manager, along with your Prekindle CSM, will give you optimization tips on taking your ad performance to the next level. You'll be able to access your dedicated Customer Success Manager for monthly guidance on your marketing and sales strategy.


Additional charges apply.