Build marketing emails in seconds, not days.

Prekindle's built-in email platform is a breeze to work with, and your marketing team will never stop thanking you for it.

Prekindle dashboard screenshots displaying email marketing tools
Better email campaigns with just a few clicks.
A stopwatch counting seconds
Import your full calendar in seconds.

When your email builder & ticketing solution are combined, you can build email campaigns in seconds, not hours.

Software for cropping images
Image cropping right on your dashboard.

You don't need external tools or expertise to resize & crop your images for your email blasts. This means more time spent on other things.

A dashboard guage in the red
Track views & clicks on your events automatically.

Your events are tracked for clicks & purchases, so every email blast you send has the metrics you need for success.

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❝ In the past, you may have hand-built email campaigns using external tools. Our clients report having an extra day each week after switching to our built-in solution. ❞
JR Denson - Clients Services Director
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A screenshot of email marketing tools
A screenshot of email marketing tools
Typically, full calendar blasts are composed in less than 10 minutes.
What's included?
Calendar Importing

With a push of a button, you can import your entire calendar into a variety of email formats. Dates, times, description, and more are automatically imported so there's no more cutting and pasting.

Image Auto-crop

Your event images will be automatically cropped and resized for minimum file size. You can override any image as well if you want to control the crop location yourself.

Open & Click Reporting

Check your open and click rates in real time, and see which events are getting the most traction and direct sales from your blasts.

Custom Colors

Make your email blast match your brand by selecting a color scheme and tweaking it to your liking.


Preview your email blasts by sending them to an email address to be viewed natively.

Scheduled Delivery

Compose your email blasts in advance, and schedule them to be delivered right when you want them to.


Each email costs just $.001
Ask about our discounts for high volume ticket sellers.